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What’s it Like to Be Connected?

Written by Diana Dentinger
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You love to mediate, network and negotiate. You are connected, affectionate and peaceful.

In Your Head
It’s like spinning silk. You have all the distinct silk threads that you weave together to make one beautiful creation. You weave together people and ideas. You have an optimistic outlook and can easily reconcile relationships with your peaceful approach, reconnecting the threads that have severed.

In Your Heart and Soul
All you want is peace and harmony. You want people to get along. You play the match maker so people meet and connect. You play the “guardian angel” so people feel protected from harm.

You want things moderate, not excessive. You are serene, friendly and kind. You enjoy mixing and mingling too.

In Your Body
It’s also about moderation. You cannot handle things in excess, especially drugs, alcohol or video games, because it’s easy to fall into dependency. You take up moderate sports in which there are flowing movements for your muscles and delicate stretching for your ligaments.

Your predictable pitfall is getting stuck on or overly attached to people, things or places. Instead of a bond, you create bondage.
Be careful of any kind of dependency.

Your sweet spot is negotiating, mediating and communing!

Excerpt from the book  “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” by Diana Dentinger

… 14. Are You Connected?


So, dear reader, does this sound like you, feel like you and look like you?

Do you act, feel and think this way always? Or only on a good day? Is that about 70% of the time? That is what my clients say, that they feel like they are “themselves” anywhere from 50 – 70% of the time.

Well, what is holding them back? What is holding you back from being yourself? Wouldn’t you love to be more of who you really are and 100% of the time?

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