Your Self Confidence

What’s it Like to Be Entertaining?

Written by Diana Dentinger
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You love to guide, shine and comfort.

You are entertaining, authentic and considerate.

In Your Head
It’s like you understand what’s real and what’s made up. You speak with integrity and authenticity because you value these above all things. You see through people’s mask. If needed you can tell a white lie and even a big lie to protect your vulnerability.

You like to play hide and seek, therefore you hide well and seek well. You decide when it is advantageous or not. You use your fantasy.

In Your Heart and Soul
It hurts when people are insincere. You consider words, actions and feelings sacred. You are a guiding light for other people and they feel your loyalty and dedication. You show up who you are. You give to others with pure generosity and altruism. You shine.

In Your Body
You must breathe and bend. You become rigid if you feel threatened. Feel prepared by learning tactics of self defense, that way your body can remain trusting. Have a sacred place, home alter or area where you practice stretching. Best if it is near or with water. You love perfume.

Your predictable pitfall is being suspicious, sneaky or nostalgic when faced with difficulties. You don’t tell yourself the whole truth.

Your sweet spot is saying things how they really are. You live with integrity.

Excerpt from the book  “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” by Diana Dentinger

… 17. Are You Entertaining?


So, dear reader, does this sound like you, feel like you and look like you?

Do you act, feel and think this way always? Or only on a good day? Is that about 70% of the time? That is what my clients say, that they feel like they are “themselves” anywhere from 50 – 70% of the time.

Well, what is holding them back? What is holding you back from being yourself? Wouldn’t you love to be more of who you really are and 100% of the time?

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