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What it’s Like to Be Innovative?

Written by Diana Dentinger
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Your path is about starting, initiating and inventing. You are innovative, spontaneous and curious.

In Your Head
It’s like you have your head full of so many projects and things you want to do. You know you have your whole life in front of you but you still get panicky when things don’t start. You were born ready!

You take action in a fast, fun and playful way. For as much as you are spontaneous, you also like punctuality. Your willpower is your personal accelerator.

In Your Heart and Soul
You have the curiosity, eagerness and innocence of a child. No matter how old you are, you always find something new to do to keep you busy. Being busy equals being happy.

You are less excited about routine and finishing what you start. The fun is in new beginnings. Each day, each interaction, each meal is a new one even if you share them with the same people.

In Your Body
You can get antsy, fidgety and impatient easily. Learn to feel your nervous system. Bring all those ideas and projects down from your head and pass them through your heart. It is easy to feel the life force they provide.

Then bring the life force down from your heart to below your belly button. You are a smooth talker and skillful doer but sometimes too hesitant. With the energy in your gut and legs now just do your ideas!

Your predictable pitfall is being fretful, “hysterical” or infantile when things don’t go your way. You could even be “paralyzed” with fear to start what you really desire.

Your sweet spot is your individuality. You are ready to experiment anything!

Excerpt from the book  “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” by Diana Dentinger

… 1. Are You Innovative?


So, dear reader, does this sound like you, feel like you and look like you?

Do you act, feel and think this way always? Or only on a good day? Is that about 70% of the time? That is what my clients say, that they feel like they are “themselves” anywhere from 50 – 70% of the time.

Well, what is holding them back? What is holding you back from being yourself? Wouldn’t you love to be more of who you really are and 100% of the time?

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