Your Self Confidence

What’s it Like to Be Questioning?

Written by Diana Dentinger
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You love to advice, analyze and reflect. You are questioning, wise and calm.

In Your Head
It’s like you dream of sitting on top of a mountain all by yourself. It is important for you to sometimes be alone. Daily quiet time is essential. You are great at peacefully analyzing situations, pondering problems and coming up with wise solutions.

You Need a place to have silence and thinking time. If you don’t, you might create drama and make a mountain out of a mole hill.

In Your Heart and Soul
You might have noticed that ever since you were a child people came to you for advice. You have the energy of a grandparent who has gained maturity from lots of life experiences and shares them calmly with others.

Maybe you love being in the role of a counselor, mentor or therapist. You are naturally patient. Try to be less doubtful.

In Your Body
With this Need, you feel best in a slow paced lifestyle or even just walking as a sport. Do whatever you feel is therapeutic for your body.

Your predictable pitfall is isolating yourself too much and becoming pessimistic, grumpy and lonesome. It seems you only come alive in crisis situations therefore creating crisis. Live for clarity and solutions.

Your sweet spot is in moderation, introspection and contemplation! You are the wisest.

Excerpt from the book  “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” by Diana Dentinger

… 9. Are You Questioning?


So, dear reader, does this sound like you, feel like you and look like you?

Do you act, feel and think this way always? Or only on a good day? Is that about 70% of the time? That is what my clients say, that they feel like they are “themselves” anywhere from 50 – 70% of the time.

Well, what is holding them back? What is holding you back from being yourself? Wouldn’t you love to be more of who you really are and 100% of the time?

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