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What’s it Like to Be Selective?

Written by Diana Dentinger
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You love to design, appreciate and touch. You are selective, enthusiastic and sensual.

In Your Head
It’s like you always think of how to make things pleasurable. It could be in how you create a slower paced business meeting for creative exchanges or set a dinner table with flowers and a linen table cloth.

You know you get results when things are enjoyable. Sometimes there are too many choices to make and you get confused. Things could seem impossible. One thing at a time is best.

In Your Heart and Soul
What would life be like without the variety of colors for your eyes, without wonderful smells for your nose, without beautiful music for your ears? Not to mention without touching nice fabrics or caressing a loved one. You, in particular would find it so void of meaning.

Everything that you pick up with your 5 senses makes life sensual. You enjoy and appreciate all the beauty around you, and if you don’t have beauty… well, life is pretty gloomy. You have sophisticated, delicate and elegant taste but sometimes come off as being spoiled.

In Your Body
You could watch a spectacular sunset on the beach for hours if it lasted that long! You are not a fast doer, but rather an enjoyer. You don’t appreciate sweaty sports and smelly gyms to stay in shape but you do like the look of a healthy body because it is a work of art.

Keep yours sculpted and shaped. You like to wear nice clothes and feel the texture of the material on your skin.

Your predictable pitfall is being confused with “too much”. You get easily perplexed then sullen or greedy. You could even be too influenced by other people’s bad moods.

Your sweet spot is your artistic ability, being stylish and having good taste!

Excerpt from the book  “Modus Vivendi – Your Life Your Way” by Diana Dentinger

… 6. Are You Selective?


So, dear reader, does this sound like you, feel like you and look like you?

Do you act, feel and think this way always? Or only on a good day? Is that about 70% of the time? That is what my clients say, that they feel like they are “themselves” anywhere from 50 – 70% of the time.

Well, what is holding them back? What is holding you back from being yourself? Wouldn’t you love to be more of who you really are and 100% of the time?

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